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EAS 2009 Annual Dinner at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore

Singapore – January 9th, 2009 – as a tradition to award our staff for their diligent work in the past year, EAS has held an annual dinner to celebrate our success in 2008, this year at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore.

A cheerful and refreshing dinner is definitely in place for our staff to rejuvenate from all the hard work they have put in to the company and so has the event been planned.

The night has started with a pre-dinner cocktail session where all the staff from different departments mingled. With the help of alcohol, it is not difficult for us to ease up and forget about work for just awhile. Followed by the cocktails, Mr. Lam, our Managing Director and Mr. Eugene Chan, our Director, have addressed the audience with a welcoming speech to start off our dinner that night.

It was a joyous evening, games were played and with generous sponsorship from our principals and suppliers, a lot of our staff has brought home some really good prizes that summed up to S$10,000. Prizes include, a Mitsubishi home theatre projector, a Samsung LCD TV and an Emporio Armani Watch to name a few.

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